Perth Market Authority

The Project

New Warehouse SE-2 – to supply and install a new 22 kv substation, eleven 600amp tenancy distribution boards, fire alarm system, backbone communication cabling, warehouse lighting and power.


An incredible feat of logisitics, this installation had to be completed within a 3 hour window, due to the refrigeration requirements of the tenants. With the possibility that many thousands of dollars of fresh produce could be left to spoil, cabling was installed almost 7 metres above the ground using an intricate system of winches and pulleys. The critical timing required the application of 3 specialist trades in an extensively planned operation.


This new warehouse was mainly constructed from 150mm thick insulated panels and was approximately 120m long and 50m wide and incorporated 11 new tenancies.

Due to the enormous electrical load, a new 22kv substation was required and had to be integrated with the existing 22kv ring main, feeding the whole of the site. The power outage around the site was limited to 3 hours, so timing for disconnection testing, termination and reconnection had to be carried out with clockwork precision.

Once the sub-station was brought ‘online’, power was fed to the new distribution board and then to each tenancy switchboard. Backbone communication cabling needed to come from the main administration building which was approx. 700m away. A 50 pair cable was installed through new and existing conduit and a pit system back to the main frame in their control station.

The fire alarm installation was a stand alone system, linked back to the control room and gatehouse and a special signal was sent to notify their security team as well as the fire brigade.