Top reasons why a wedding photo booth is a great idea

Margaret River is a stunning region to hold your wedding. Couples are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to ceremony and reception venues as well as gorgeous photo shoot locations. Another great way to capture your wedding day in a different light is with a fun and social photo booth at your reception venue.

So why are so many couples choosing photo booths for their weddings? Here we answer a few of our most common questions received from brides and grooms to be.

photo booth fun

What’s so good about a photo booth?

Photo booths are great either in combination with your on-ground photographer, or on their own if you want to send the photographer home early. They provide insight and record the fun stuff that happened on your wedding day for you to keep for the future.

Photo booths at weddings are a fantastic way to break the ice amongst guests that don’t necessarily know each other very well (yet). Place the booth in a visible spot, and watch the fun unfold. There is nothing like a fake moustache and a silly hat to melt away any shyness!

Photobooths provide a very unique experience for guests. You can choose backdrops, themes, props, dress ups, and personalised items to go into the booth, as well as even requesting a green screen to insert just about anything behind the guests.

As well as this, guests get to walk away with a physical print strip of their Margaret River wedding photo booth experience. Complete with personalised photo strip of your names and date and theme. You can also organise a guest book to be present next to the booth for inserting strips and writing messages to the happy couple as a keepsake after the wedding is over.

On top of the hard evidence there is the online social pages that photos can be uploaded straight to. Get a wedding hashtag going to collate your images!

What features can we expect from our photo booth?

You’ll find that most good photo booth suppliers offer:

  • Unlimited prints
  • Custom photo strips to match invites and themes
  • Props
  • Quality backgrounds, draping and scenes
  • Immediate social uploads
  • Customised frames
  • Magnetic backings
  • The fastest of DySub technology printers to help make for a seamless event

They will also set up and pack down for you to maximise time with guest photos. Try an ‘open’ style photo booth as these mean more people can fit in one photo, they offer better flexibility of photos, and also mean that the photos are taken by a professional DSLR camera rather than a webcam type.

How do I order one?

Hiring a photo booth in Margaret River is very easy. Browse our collection of suppliers at Margaret River Wedding Directory and select a few that strike your fancy. Contact them and find out how they operate and what they can offer you.

You might want to talk about:

  • What you can expect on the day
  • Timing of set up and pack down
  • The location of the wedding – there will be some great suggestions for maximising the usage of the photo booth at different locations
  • Talk about themes, props, and backgrounds
  • Ask about a personalised photo strip
  • Find out if you can opt for an open photo booth instead

All of our suppliers will have experience in the region and at many of the locations around Margaret River such as Leeuwin Estate, Wise Winery, Bunker Bay Resort, and Voyager Estate. Familiarity with these locations means our suppliers can give you a very high quality standard of work.

So don’t hesitate to contact our suppliers now. They are eager to help you and ready to answer any questions you may have regarding wedding photo booth hire in Margaret River.

AirCon Installation Perth – an Effective measure for comfortable summers

As we all are well aware of the fact of the intense hot temperatures of summer. Without air conditioning, life will turn out to be miserable in summers. Hence arises, the need for proper air conditioning. If routine service does proper maintenance of air conditioners then, our air conditioner will be able to bear the hot summers for a longer period. Other than that a lot of money will be charged for the repair of air conditioners when it breaks down in intense heat of the summers. Thus, it is wise to go for routine service than sudden costly repairs.

Nowadays, air conditioners are considered as prime home appliance like other mandatory home appliances. It is developed in such a way that it can withstand the heat waves of hot summers and still can keep running even in that state. But since it is also a machine like any other machines, it needs regular service and maintenance to work properly for a longer duration of time.


If the work of maintenance is not done at a regular rate then, air conditioning device loses its efficiency by approx 5% per year. The only way to prevent this is proper maintenance by the Perth electricians on a regular basis which can reclaim the lost of efficiency and also the appliance can run for a longer duration of time. Perth electricians provide regular maintenance that can help maintain the efficiency up to 9.5%. Once your air conditioner is installed by the Air-Con Installation Perth, and begins to perform well with its yearly tune-ups, then you will surely realize that the overall costs are recovered by saving on lesser repairs and also reduced electricity bills. Also, a regularly serviced and maintained air conditioner will help you in desiccating the humid environment within your house.

Air Conditioning Installation Perth deal with the service and maintenance units of the air conditioners and along with that provide special offers when the summer season is at peak. Also, annual programs for service of air conditioners are provided by them. Reminders are made by them about the next service date so that one cannot miss the service date because of the hectic schedule.

The service and maintenance task of air conditioners include cleaning of the condensing units of the coils, oiling of fan motors, checking the compressors amp draw, checking the level of coolant in the air conditioners along with making sure whether the bells are well adjusted or not.

The timely maintenance is the key for you to enjoy fresh and cool air in hot and humid summers without any problem, at complete ease.

Pros and Cons of self-storage

Self-storage is one of the most common things these days, but at the same time, there are people who do not know why they need self-storage in the first place. It is not very easy to decide why you need it, and hence, we have got you some pros and cons of the same which will help you take your decision better.

Pros of Self Storage

When you go for Picton Storagesecurity1, you get a chance to handle your things. This way, you know your stuff is safe with you, and you do not have to worry about someone else keeping it in a bad way. Besides, you do not have to worry about your things being broken because of their negligence. When you get a self-storage, there is a security pin you get to choose, so unless and until someone knows the pin, they cannot have access to your things, which makes them secure.

Besides, most of the Bunbury self-storage have heavy security, which ensures that your things have double security. This way, in case anyone gets to know your security number and try to access your stuff, they will be taped and in most of the cases, will not be successful to come out of the self storage.

Cons of Self Storage

However, there are some cons as well about which you should be aware of. All the self storage companies do not have CCTV cameras, and in case you have put your stuff in one of them, and you turn out to be unlucky enough, you might even lose your precious belongings. In case someone who can pick locks comes to know about your code, he will take no time to access your stuff. All the self-storage companies do not have full-time security, and they usually lock the main door and leave. A person who is good with the lock picking might even get access to the door easily when the area is deserted.

They are the few pros and cons of getting a Bunbury self-storage and you must consider the same before you plan to get one. However, you can always rectify the cons by choosing the self-storage company who has tight security and has a good reputation in the market. Your right decisions will keep your stuff safe and will help you store your things at the same time.


Margaret river landscapes – experts of providing water to plants

Someone has well said that-

“The job of gardening requires a lot of water, out of which most of the part is in the form of perspiration.”

This statement gives an idea about two most important contexts related to the job of gardening. The first one is that gardening requires a lot of hard work and patience. The second point reveals the importance of water in the development of a healthy and beautiful garden.


Water is of prime importance for all the plants growth. They absorb water through the leaves and then release that water through the leaves in the atmosphere. The schedule of watering of plants is weather and climate dependent. The best-considered time for watering of plants is either early morning or that of night because this gives time to the leaves to dry up in the hot temperatures. During these hours of the day, the temperature is comparatively low. Also winds are less intense, which reduce the evaporation rate.

Plants need to be watered at least after 4 to 5 days. If somehow soil dries out at a very quick rate then the container should be placed above the bed of small rocks having water level up to half level so as to provide the plants with necessary humidity and moisture.

Margaret river landscapes suggest that the water should not be splashed directly on the flowers and soft hairy leaves. This can destroy the look of plant and shedding of leaves and flowers of the plants.

Large plants planted in small pots require frequent watering of the plants. Margaret river landscaping team mostly use drip irrigation method for providing water to the plants. This is because drip irrigation system of watering the plants, applies water only where it is required and also reduce loss of water through evaporation. An additional benefit lies in the fact that this system of watering, do not moisten the space between the rows thus giving a chance for the weeds to grow in that space. The Margaret river landscape team, suggest the use of mulches freely in the garden. This is because the mulch prevents water loss due to evaporation, blocks the growth of weeds and also keeps the soil cool. Excessive watering of plants is harmful to it growth. Margaret river landscaping team saves the excessively watered plants by removing the soil ball from the plant, keeping the plant inside it, use a water absorbent towel to soak the excessive water, waits for the soil ball to dry up, and then pot that plant in fresh compost. Over application of water damages, the plant severely causing root rot or various fungal diseases. Thus for proper irrigation system take suggestions of landscapers for a healthy garden.



Benefits of going to a Chiropractor

Life Balance has Experienced Hillarys Chiropractors

Back pain is one of the most common problem people have these days. There are a lot of people who are suggested surgery to get rid of their back pain, but most of them prefer looking for alternatives instead. Going to a Chiropractor =in such a situation can be a good idea in such a situation. A Chiropractor is a person in the medical field who relieves high blood pressure, headache and back pain by manipulating the body structures to relieve the pain. This is a therapy is used to help patients get rid of the mechanical problems and is also known as an alternative medicine. However, there are many people who prefer being treated by the Chiropractor rather than going for surgery.

The first thing you should have in mind before you to get this treatment done look for the right Chiropractor. Just like you will do a little background check of any other doctor before consulting them, you must do the same for a Chiropractor as well. He must be genuinely concerned about the progress of the patient and make sure he is improving with the treatment he is getting. You will get to see the concern in the first consultation itself which will help you decide whether you should go to them or not. These practitioners are well trained and know exactly how to treat the problem of the patient, but you will have to make sure you go for the best one for that. You can even talk to some of their previous patients and get an idea about how they are and whether they got some relief or not. A good Chiropractor in Padbury always gives a list of references to their patient so that they can get to know more about the doctor and connect with the patients at the same time.

You can also ask your family and friends about any of the Chiropractor Hillarys they know and tell you about their experiences with them. This will help you decide whether the practitioner is capable of solving your problem. There are a lot of Chiropractors who have their websites, and they have ratings and reviews by their patients to help someone who must be looking for a Chiropractor. You should also ask as many questions you want from them so that you clear all your doubts and get to know as much as you can about the person whom you are trusting with your problem.

List of gardening plants suiting your house

Gardening plants are mainly included as the most important part of landscaping. Some of these plants are being planted for beautification while others are being planted for gaining food, shelter and other related beneficial purposes.

What are the different categories of gardening plants?



  • Perennial plants: these plants are regarded as the best garden plants that can increase the overall aesthetic beauty and grace of your gardens. It has been noticed that landscaping eagle bay includes these kinds of beautiful gardening plants. Some plants of this category include dense mounds, purple coneflower, miss manners, and little bunny, lady’s mantle, Zagreb, Carl forester and others.
  • Shading plants: These kinds of plats are also quite useful and they are mainly planted both for beautification of the garden are and for shading the gardens from the string UV rays.
  • Summer-blooming plants: There are certain designer flower plants that maintain the beautification of your garden throughout the summer season. Some of them include Bleeding hearts, peony, Oriental poppy, early roses, beebalm, dailylilies, snakeroot, hollyhock, asters, globe thistle, Japanese iris, tigerlilies, lateilies, daylilies and many more.
  • Container-gardening flowers: These flowers can enhance the décor and beautification value of the gardening landscape and they comprise of great scents, colors, and beauty. They are usually found to be planted at porch, patio, deck, or balcony. Sweet pea, bleeding heart, coneflowers, morning glory, marigold, dusty miller and many more are some of the samples. In this case, special containers or clay or plastics are being used.
  • Vegetation plants: vegetation plants are now quite common and thus you can also plant the same in order to have different kinds of seasonal fresh vegetables that are quite good for health. Some of them are broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, beans, lettuce, onions, peppers, tomatoes and others.
  • Foliage plants: These plants are mostly planted for empty corners and they cater a great look to your garden during the frosty weathers.
  • Butterfly attracting plants: These gardening plants are regarded as one of the most decorative and beautiful plants of the garden and they are having the capability of attracting colorful butterflies. Some examples are butterfly bush, clove pink, cornflower, lupine, lavender foss flower and others.
  • Beautiful shrubs: These plants are highly useful in attracting beautiful birds especially hummingbirds. They also cater good amount of shelter. The landscapers Yallingup suggest their clients to have the planting these shrubs.

How clean is your house?

Change of seasons always tends to produce an atmosphere which causes a large number of the population to fall sick with either some kind of flu or the common cold. It is hardly surprising that some people become ill. Though it is surprising that sometimes the weather is not the main factor which causes the illness, nor is it the friends, colleagues or family who are ill. Rather it is primarily related to how clean the house is. While this may seem strange, realistically if a house is clean, the little nasty insects have no place to live ensuring that you do not fall ill.

Any homeowner will invariably feel upset if they discover that there is a pest infestation in their homes. Apart from causing destruction of property, they also pose as a health hazard for your loved ones and for you. Their elimination needs to be a priority and often the application of a do it yourself method works exceptionally well. When pest infestations have already created heavy losses, pest control Margaret River services can be crucial. However if you just want to do some preventive light maintenance, do it yourself is enough to get by. The crux of the argument is that prevention of pests in your household is important and vital both for the family as well as any property you own.

margaret river pe

A large number of people suffer from pest related problems which require an efficient and effective solution. Engaging in your own pest control Busselton has been highly effective in combating pest issues in homes, gardens and even businesses. Employing effective supplies and products will allow you to terminate pests by yourself, negating the need to search for professional help and advice from pest management services and hence pay for the expensive treatments and services they provide.

However, one must always keep in mind the fact that pest management does not have any guarantees. Some DIY products and techniques might only keep insects and pests away for a temporary period, after which the problem will occur again. In such cases, DIY might end up costing you more rather than the services of a professional pest control management business. There is no question that a professional pest management service will have a high level of customer satisfaction. Hence in order to make your pest control method as effective as possible, in the DIY program, ensure that only efficient and effective products are utilized as well as the usage of effective pesticides, as ineffective pesticides as prevalent in the market. Furthermore, to make your program all the more successful and effective, you can pose your queries to DIY experts who will gladly help you by providing you with any information you need.


How to Stop Hoarding

Hoarding is defined as the tenacious and repeated difficulty in discarding or parting away with possessions, in the thought that they might be of some use in future although they have no value. Hoarding becomes a disorder as people have trouble throwing things away and therefore make a mess in their house. The items that are most commonly hoarded are magazines, newspapers, paper and plastic bags, cardboard boxes, photographs, household supplies, food, and clothing. Every person who collects things randomly knows that there is a thin line between curating an assemblage of treasures and hoarding them.

In order to stop hoarding, first of all you should make your mind do the same with confidence and will. You should have a spirit of cleaning the clutter of your house. Here are some points you that will help you in disposing of the trash.


  • Start slow: Do not dispose of everything you see in haste. You should keep a note of the things that are lying down useless since a very long time.
  • Timely survey: You should weekly check your trash bags and empty them as you can throw away more trash as you find it.
  • Kitchen utilities: If an item in the kitchen is filthy, it can cause serious health hazards. Therefore, dispose of the clutter as soon as possible.
  • Eliminate paper and plastic: You need not worry about all the things in the world. Papers are readily recycled, and plastic ones can be donated to farmers and flea markets (or even animal shelters) for re-use.
  • Beauty products: Either uses your half-bottles first and then open the seal of the new ones or do not buy new ones unless your old cosmetics are finished.
  • Emotional drama: Some people have an intense emotional attachment to objects that others see as trivial — or even trash. They’d feel a sense of major loss if they had to throw this stuff away.
  • Don’t plan for the future: The assumption that this item may be of use someday creates the maximum number of hoardings in a house. Keep away from this.

Hoarding, apart from making the house unclean, can cause anger, resentment, and depression among family members and it can affect the social development of children.

The Bunbury self-storage offers both short and long-term self-storage solutions for commercial and domestic purposes. Whether you need to store home furniture or vehicles, this is very helpful.

Light your homes with Fancy lights

Homes have become a beautiful form of presenting your personality, stature and standard of living. These days so much money is spent on the interiors of the houses in order to get a stylish look. Residing in a beautiful house is everyone’s dream.

The walls, paint colour, bed designs, mirror shapes, almirah and all the things are decided so that the best results are seen. In all this, the light fittings play a vital role in enhancing the house’s quality and essence. Putting decorative light fittings in the bedroom changes the entire look and makes the room look magnificent and grandiose. From table lamps to lights on ceiling, the house can be lit up extravagantly with fancy light fittings.

There are various types of bulbs used in different areas of the house to serve the respective purpose. The everyday household bulb used is the warm yellowish bulb made up of tungsten. It creates warmth, cosiness and intimacy in the environment. However, these days down lighters are in primary use as they suit modern and period homes. They are mainly installed in kitchen and bathroom surfaces where fixtures are unlikely to move. These give a gloomy effect without wall lights.


Below are some of the types of lights that can be used in enhancing your house:

  • Standard lamp: They are tall, free standing lights which can move upwards, downwards and sideways.
  • Up lighter: They are tall and slender. They give a soft look by throwing light onto the ceiling that bounces off. They are best used in rooms that have light-coloured ceilings. They can be used behind the sofa.
  • Wall Washers: They give brilliant even stream of light.

Apart from the kind of lights, how is the fitting also done matter in the distribution of light. Lighting is usually seen as a technical minefield, but many lights are easy to put in and require no more than an understanding of basic electrical concepts.

When you design lighting for a room, you have to consider what activities you’re going to engage in that space. The types of activities will influence your choice of fixtures and placement. Most rooms serve more than one function. Lighting must be considered when highlighting particular room elements. The electricians Perth are very reliable, courteous and professionals in providing excellent services. They offer quality products and prompt service to its customers.

Difference between Civil and Criminal Lawyers

We all must have come across lawyers in the need of the hour at a time in life. Lawyers are experts who have full valuable knowledge and are ready to help you in your worst conditions. They involve wholly in resolving your issue in a timely and effective manner.

There are two kinds of lawyers in Perth: Civil and criminal lawyers.

If you have been arrested by the police or received a Prosecution Notice or Summons to appear before the Magistrates’ Court, a criminal lawyer in Perth will be able to deal with you. The types of crimes that come under this is Restraining Orders, Burglary, Theft, Assault, Threatening Behaviour, Move-On notices, Indecent Assault, Murder and Armed Robbery, traffic offences, etc. The criminal lawyers have various ways of handling their cases. Some of the lawyers initially would give you advice through telephonic conversations. If that does not fulfil your conditions, further steps of appointments are taken. Convenient dates are fixed so that the person does not get disturbed with their offices. The lawyers then keep a follow up of your case and dedicate their time and efforts in your best interest.

BW Gavel and Cuffs 01

Civil lawyers, on the other hand, handle different types of cases. These involve dispute with neighbour, disputes between buyer and seller, customer and supplier, employees and employers and the likes of them. These lawyers help in the following manner:

  • They provide necessary skills and experience essential to protect your interests.
  • They determine whether your case requires negotiations.
  • They provide you with courtroom expertise and experience.
  • They thoroughly analyze all the aspects of your case before taking any action or determining where to settle.
  • They always make sure to follow all the guidelines of the court.
  • They advice you whether or not to settle your case out of court.
  • They also help you organize your documents for evidence.
  • They represent you during hearings, arbitration, mediation, motions, and at trial.

Both criminal and civil lawyers handle different types of cases. While civil lawyers handle cases of real estate, business torts, business litigation, tax, copyright issues, trademarks etc. the criminal lawyers handle severe cases like possession of prohibited drugs, drink driving or driving under suspicion, firearms offences/criminal damage, burglary, robbery, stealing, murder, child pornography, sexual penetration without consent or any indecent assault. As different are the cases, both the types of lawyers handle them in their own way according to the concerned individual and case.