Riverton Shopping Centre

The Project

To refurbish the existing shopping centre and provide new services to a major extension, which included new installation of all electrical services. This included high voltage switchgear, HV transformers, medium voltage distribution cabling, switchboards, power, lighting, communications, security CCTV and ‘people counting systems’ to the existing and fully operational shopping centre, including 2 large department stores and over 40 specialty shops.


The building program was extremely tight and access to various working areas very difficult. With completion required for Christmas ‘09, there were no time extentions available. We split our installation team into two – day shifts for new areas and night shifts for existing areas. Night shifts commenced at 6pm and finished at 3am. Each morning the shopping areas had to be clear of all building equipment including scaffolding, work platforms and all materials.


Safety awareness is always critical when working in close proximity to the public, so the planning for this project was very important, as the shopping centre was to remain fully operational while the major upgrade and refurbishment was carried out.

We also had to design, install and maintain a temporary lighting solution to the public areas which changed continuously throughout the project, enabling the centre to continue trading. Whilst some of the upgrade was new and readily accessible, a large portion of the works was to existing areas along with rearrangements of existing and new tenancies.

An additional 22KV substation with 2 x 1000k VA transformers was installed to accommodate the extra demand.